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India To Counter China, Pakistan In Deep Waters

Posted by yourpakistan on November 12, 2009

The Zardari government stalled a crucial deal with Germany for the purchase of submarines this year. And the main reason is that the Germans pay less commissions than the French, with whom Mr. Zardari has had a good prior experience, if French media reports are to be believed.  Most observers agree Pakistan will pay dearly for not purchasing German submarines.  India is using this Pakistani complacency to the hilt.

By Makhdoom Babar
(Additional reporting by Christina Palmer and Ajay Mehta in New Delhi

Special Report - Pakistan

WHILE the Pakistani Presidential palaces are echoing with blames on the President Asif Zardari for receiving high volume kickbacks in a deal to purchase Agosta Submarines from France for the use of Pakistan Navy, a long ago, country’s nuclear arch rival India is preparing to counter not only Pakistan navy but also the Chinese Navy in the region’s deep water through multi billion dollars endeavors with Israel, Russia, France etc and is set to come up with a supreme naval force in the coming few years, overpowering the might of both the Pakistani and Chinese Navies, reveal the latest finding of The Daily Mail.

India has a couple of days back, signed a new defence deal with Israel worth more than one billion US dollars through which Israel Aerospace Industries Limited would provide India with Barak-8 anti-missile and anti-aircraft system to be installed on Indian Naval Warships.

The Daily Mail’s findings further indicate that earlier, in one of the largest Indo-Israeli defense deals to date, the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) agreed to provide 2,000 of the latest version of its Barak surface-to-air missile at an estimated price tag of US$1.4 billion. Under the terms of the agreement, a third of the value of the deal will be spent or invested in India, where the IAI will make offsetting purchases from Tata.

These findings reveal that the Mumbai-based multinational’s wholly owned subsidiary Tata Advanced Systems (TASL) is forging a direct partnership relationship with the IAI that is expected to be wide-ranging, involving missiles, drones, radars, electronic warfare systems and homeland security systems, all areas of Israeli defense industry specialization.
Under the deal,, the IAI confirmed that it would develop and manufacture seaborne and shore-based Barak anti-missile systems.

“The Barak has been fielded operationally by the Israeli navy for more than 15 years It has been refined over time and it could well be attractive for certain land-based applications”, says STRATFOR military analyst Nathan Hughes.

The IAI deal comes shortly after an agreement between the Israel Military Industries (IMI) and India’s state-owned Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) for the building of five munitions factories in the next three years in the Indian state of Bihar. The IMI has pledged to utilize both Israeli and Indian sub-contractors in the fabrication of the artillery munitions plants.

The IMI boasts that it is experienced in the production of both “western and eastern calibers,” of tank and artillery munitions, an important selling point for India given its long-established mass defense procurement relationship with Russia. The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that though Israel remains the biggest defense supplier to India, New Delhi continues to maintain its close ties with Russians for the defence supplies.

This findings indicate that Delhi has increased its Defense Budget to the tunes of billions of dollars, hiding behind the notions of ‘Defence Needs’ India is all set to introduce its new Naval Doctrine by announcing final assembling of a powerful electro-accelerating machine i.e. Kilo-Ampere Liner Injector (KALI), that would be South Asia’s first ‘Star Wars’ weapon whose beams could cripple the incoming missiles and aircraft, that would not only be disturbing the military balance in the region but would be a permanent source of threat and deterrence to all the Naval and Air Traffic in the region particularly the future sea traffic to Pakistan’s Gawadar Port, authoritative diplomatic sources confided this to The Daily Mail. A senior Western diplomat, who remained in touch with a high-profile intelligence agency of his country, disclosed on condition of anonymity that the Indians imported the said technology from Russia a few years back and conducted further research on it at the Bhaba Institute of Nuclear Research (BINR) in Mumbai for a further modification so as to suit their defence requirements and by 1999, it had made some major modifications in it.

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