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LHC: Lahore High Court Moved to Disarm US Diplomats and Marines

Posted by yourpakistan on November 8, 2009

The Lahore High Court [LHC] on Friday directed the [Pakistan] Interior Ministry [led by PPP corrupt traitor Abdur Rehman Malik and PPP corrupt traitor Tasneem Ahmed Qureshi] and the Inspector General Police [Syed Kaleem Imam], Islamabad, to file reply by November 20 [2009] on a petition seeking to disarm the U.S. diplomats, [American] marines and other [American, Canadian, Israeli, Indian, British, Dutch, Australian and European] officials in Pakistan, besides registration of criminal cases against those [terrorists, spies and imperialists] found involved in spying and other anti-state acts in violation of diplomatic codes and the [Pakistan] laws of the land, who were caught red-handed but [illegally] released on the pressure of the Interior Ministry.

The petitioner, Hashim Shaukat Khan, Punjab President of Pakistan Watan Party [PWP], through his counsel Barrister Zafarullah [Khan], cited several incidents when the U.S., Dutch and other foreigners were caught roaming in Islamabad and other cities [of Pakistan] armed with dangerous weapons and spying instruments, but were [unlawfully] released on the orders of the Interior Ministry without any legal action against them. In a few incidents, they even beat up Pakistani citizens and misbehaved with the people, he added.

He pointed out that 202 members of [American] Blackwater [Xe Services] had landed at Islamabad airport in a PIA flight but the Interior Minister [PPP puppet traitor Rehman Malik], on the American pressure, [illegally] let them go without going through the process of custom clearance. He said these [Blackwater-Xe] people should be charged with anti-terrorism and other [Pakistani and United Nations international] laws.

He said, even under the Constitution of Pakistan and Article 29 of the Vienna Convention 1961, the diplomats did not enjoy any immunity for criminal activities; rather they should be ousted from the country after declaring them persona-non-grata. He said the provision of security to all foreign diplomats is the responsibility of the Pakistan Government and no private foreign company [such as Xe Services (Blackwater USA) or DynCorp International] could do so.

He sought directions for the registration of criminal cases against all foreign nationals [including U.S. and Dutch government officials] who were apprehended with illegal weapons [in Pakistan]. He also requested that the list of all Americans and Dutch who are working in Pakistan, including workers of both the [U.S. and Netherlands] embassies and security staff, should be brought to the notice of the court.



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