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Hillary Clinton A Liberal Fascist?

Posted by yourpakistan on November 4, 2009

Jonah Goldberg is a columnist for The Los Angeles Times. He recently wrote a book on liberal fascism. He started his book with Mussolini who was the father of fascism in Italy. Jonah also discussed American liberalism as a new totalitarian political religion very close to fascism. Finally Jonah Goldberg declared Hillary Clinton as “The First Lady of Liberal Fascism.” Jonah avoided using the term of liberal fascist for President Barack Obama but he feared that America was slowly becoming a fascist country.

Hillary Clinton A Fascist

It was difficult for me to believe that Hillary could be a fascist because she is a fascinating person. I read the book just a few days ago when I was travelling from the US to Pakistan. Luckily I got a chance to meet Hillary Clinton during her official visit to Pakistan on the evening of Oct 28 at the Islamabad residence of the US ambassador. I was one of the six TV anchors invited for a candid talk with the secretary of state. She was very much concerned about the bad image of her country in Pakistan and she said that “we must listen to each other and we must be honest with each other.”

I put just three short questions to Hillary Clinton. My first question was about the rule of law. I referred to the Kerry-Lugar bill in which the US expressed desire for the rule of law in Pakistan and humbly asked why US officials were breaking Pakistani laws again and again in Islamabad. I informed her that four US marines were arrested at 3 a.m. on Oct 27 in Islamabad with illegal weapons in their hands. They were released within one hour of their arrest. I asked: “Who ordered them to patrol the roads of Islamabad? Will you allow Pakistani soldiers to patrol the roads of Washington DC with weapons in their hands?”

Hillary said that diplomats enjoyed immunity and they carried weapons. I again informed her that diplomats did not come out on the roads at three in the morning. She said: “I will look into this matter.” I was not satisfied with her answer.

She told us that the US wanted a strong and vibrant democracy in Pakistan. I again asked her that if the US cared too much about democracy, then why it didn’t care about the unanimous resolution of our new parliament against US drones attacks. I said, “Instead of listening to the voice of democracy coming through our parliament you have increased drone attacks which means that you have no respect for our democracy.” Once again she just said, “We have to win the war against terror and we have to support democracy in Pakistan.”

My third question was about the American desire for civilian control on the security establishment of Pakistan expressed in the Kerry-Lugar bill many times. I asked, “Do you want a civilian to head the ISI?” She never said no, but explained, “We can have a head of the CIA both from military and civilians and you can also have the head of the ISI from military and civilians.” The answer clearly gave a message that the US wants a civilian to head the premier intelligence agency of Pakistan.

Hillary Clinton never said anything new to us. When I was coming back after meeting her I was thinking about Liberal Fascism written by Jonah Goldberg. Hillary Clinton must give clear and straight answers to the questions burning in the minds of common Pakistanis. Otherwise, we will be forced to believe that she is taking America into a new era of liberal fascism.

This op-ed was exclusively published by The News International. The writer is executive editor of Geo TV in Islamabad. Email:

Source: Ahmed Quarishi.Com


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