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Round-Up of the Current Political Situation in Pakistan

Posted by yourpakistan on November 3, 2009

Although the author always warns before penning down premature rumors that their authenticity can be challenged by any future action of the parties concerned, the funniest things about the rumors is that they always turn out to be true in Pakistan!

As the legend says, “Never trust a politician’s statement until he denies it”, in our part of the world, a hue and cry of “This cannot happen” and “We will not allow this” begins before any big change. Some things are predicted by legends, while others by the rumors, and the rumors being floated these days, good or bad, seem to be very interesting.

To keep check and balance on a government, an Army chief has to pat opposition parties’ backs, and since the day he took charge, General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani appears to have a soft corner for PML(N) – if only as the less evil of the two options. Though he was neutral apparently and never tried to snatch the crown, he played his cards well, else it wasn’t possible for Mian Nawaz Sharif to break the house arrest despite of a heavy deployment of police at his residence on 15th March, 2009 and then stealing the whole show himself while the real “political heroes” of lawyers’ movement Imran Khan and Qazi remained in hiding in Islamabad, waiting for the that revolutionary 16th March which could have come only if there were no General Kayani and his pressures which forced Mr Zardari against his will and interest to restore the judges disposed by Musharraf. That was the best opportunity for Gen Kayani to take over the country but he let it go, and rather convinced the President in favour of the popular demand. Gen Kayani’s role at the night before 16th March cannot be denied, though the rumor says more about that night, something like Mr President ordering the forces to open gunfire at the long march as it enters the suburbs of Islamabad and something like Army Chief declaring sternly that Pakistan Army will not fire at the its own people.

Recently, Chaudhry Nisar, the only politician so far who did not change from his shalwar qameez to suit and tie while meeting Hillary Clinton, and Mian Shehbaz Sharif met Gen Kayani which angered the PPP government to this extent that Qamar-ul-Zaman Kaira had to give this statement that the PML(N) leadership shouldn’t have done so without President’s knowledge. The interesting thing which arose about this story is Chadhry Nisar’s word later in which he declared that PML(N) will not give shoulder to anyone weakening the democracy. The question is, did someone ask for a shoulder? Only Chadhry Nisar can answer, but the rumor says the military is currently giving two options to the some political parties. First is Minus One Formula in which all the political parties will help to minus Mr Zardari from the system, the same that was given at the night between 15 and 16th March in case Mr Pakistani President does not restore the judiciary. Second is Minus All, and the rumor further elaborates that some names including Aitezaz Ahsan are being given for the next President and Prime minister. At the same time, Altaf Hussain of MQM has asked Mr President to resign. The timing of all these events is very interesting, not to mention the report of a “source” from Nawab Shah that Mr Pakistani President is selling all his estate one by one and transferring his assets in foreign banks. Preparation is definitely going on.

Another interesting rumor that is being circulated among the MPAs, MNAs and Nazims of the major political parties is the full-of-panic advice of settling up all their matter as soon as possible because the present government is breathing its last month on Earth, and this advice is being given by none other than their respective political leadership. Rumor also adds that sooner or later, Mr Pakistani President is going to dissolve the assembly, which seems quite irrational to me since this act, as he knows very well, would give him no benefit but loss.

Rumor or not, a change is in the process of development. PML(N) may not give its shoulder to weaken the western-induced democratic system of majority ruling over minority, but someone will. The PPP government is breathing its last and its every attempt to save itself by creating crisis for other institutions, like the one tried for judiciary through the press conference of Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar, is only ending up bringing more shame and weakness for itself, and today the Prime Minister had to give this statement that he would not allow anyone to destabilize democracy. Does that mean someone is trying to do so? Perhaps yes, because the Prime Minister always gets to know about decisions after they have taken place. And the funniest thing about this entire rumor factory is that the military is giving two options, not asking for them


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