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Say NO to Terror Say NO to America

Posted by yourpakistan on November 2, 2009

Take a look at the news item below. It looks like that CIA/Blackwater have established themselves inside Pakistan just as they had done in Iraq . The TTP (Tehriq-Taliban of Pakistan ) have already announced that it is not they who caused the car bomb carnage in Peshawer the other day. I had a hunch that it was CIA/Blackwater who must have been behind it.

After 9/11, when the Americans moved into Pakistan to attack Afghanistan , they had several demands from Gen. Musharraf, one of them was to allow any and all Americans to enter Pakistan without going through the regular channels of immigration and customs. Gen. Musharraf was too scared to refuse, so he gave them the concession as demanded. Today, no one knows how many CIA/Blackwater agents have entered and where are they living, what equipment did they bring in and what are they now up to.

Since the Pakistani government is installed by the US similar to Afghanistan and Iraq, so the puppet government is not going to do any thing to remove the CIA/Blackwater agents and there is nothing that the ordinary citizens can do against CIA’s sinister plans. The Peshawer like carnage will be a regular occurrence now in Pakistan just as we have seen in Iraq .

Here is how the American Empire operates:

Phase 1: America declares the knowledge of existence of terrorist in a region (of American interest). Interferes with the local politics to install its own puppets and compradors in the government. These puppets act as the old British viceroys. They serve American interests at the cost of freedom and independence of their own country. The puppets are compensated handsomely for the services rendered to their masters.

Phase 2: CIA hires the bad elements of the society (every poor society has some bad elements) to stir up some socio-political trouble on ethnic or religious lines (as was done in Swat during the last 3-4 years). This confirms the assertions made in Phase 1.

Phase 3: CIA and hired hands, Blackwater etc, move in and cause terrorism in a big way. The naïve local people keep thinking that it is the local people fighting against each other on ethnic or religious differences. The Phase 2 masks the Phase 3, but Phase 3 keeps going under the patronage of CIA until the law and order completely breaks down in the region of interest.

Phase 4: The American administration then moves in, offering financial help through IMF or other sources to tighten the stranglehold on the target country, hence extending the influence and control.

Pakistan has already entered into the Phase 4. It is worth repeating, Pakistan must distance itself from American war on terror. Nothing can be changed however, short of getting rid of the puppets pretending as the democratically government.

Javed Chaudry

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