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Gen. Kayani May Declare Emergency

Posted by yourpakistan on October 24, 2009

Pakistani military sources said Friday that the army was considering announcing a state of emergency in the country following the deterioration of the security situation as the military operation continues against the Taleban. The sources said that a National Security Council meeting due to be held within the next 48 hours will consider Chief of the Army Staff Gen. Ashfaq Kayani assuming the role of chief executive in order to supervise security with the presidency and government institutions continuing their activities in governing the country. According to the sources, the move has received preliminary acceptance from the Pakistani presidency, although a source at the Presidency denied knowledge of any such move being tabled for discussion. The state of emergency would continue until the end of the operation, the sources said, which the military has scheduled to last eight weeks. An official army source told Okaz, however, a state of emergency announcement was “mere speculation”, and declined to provide further details. Meanwhile, the Kingdom’s ambassador to Islamabad is to hold an emergency meeting Sunday to consider the status of Saudi schools and the embassy’s affiliated offices in the light of the current security situation in Pakistan. Ambassador Abdul Aziz Al-Ghadeer said that a decision would be taken on the resumption of classes at Saudi schools following a one-week suspension due to security concerns. The schools are currently due to reopen Monday. Emergency evacuation plans are also in place, he added, for the 250 to 300 Saudi nationals in Pakistan. – Okaz/SG


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